About Me


photos of me by the amazing Ali Bonomo

Hi, I'm Erin. 

I've been passionate about photography for over twenty years, and I'd love to help you tell your story in pictures.


I was born and raised in Wheeling, WV. I left for a little while to pursue dreams in New York City, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, but after a number of years living far from my family, the country roads called me home. In 2017, I said goodbye to big city life and returned to my roots in wild and wonderful West Virginia.


A session with me is fun.

Yes, fun!


The best images are made when you feel comfortable and relaxed, so my goal is to put you at ease.


In case you were wondering...

  • I have a rescue schnoodle named Teddy who used to model pet products for Free People. His "Blue Steel" is spot on.

  • My favorite movie is Amelie.

  • I went to film school at New York University and interned at Saturday Night Live way back in 1999. I had a huge crush on Will Ferrell who was a cast member then.

  • Some of my guilty pleasures are marshmallow Fluff, John Mayer and Coors Light.

  • When I was a kid we had dial up internet and AOL, and I got my first cell phone in college.


I photograph people, places and things of all sorts, but high school seniors, families and teens are a few of my favorites.